Ladies, Check Out Three Ways To Know If That Guy Is Really Into You

If you have thinking about whether or not a guy is into you, these are signs to look out for.

If you’re reading this, there’s a high possibility you’re worried, sick and wondering if a certain guy loves you.

He might be a guy you only recently met or have known for a while. And you must care about him to be this worried about how he feels about you in turn.

Without wasting more time, here are three crystal signs indicating a guy is really into you:

He discusses the future with you

Most men wouldn’t discuss a possible future with a woman if they do not mean it. If he has raised discussions about raising a family together, spending the future together or if he makes plans towards making an investment for the future with you involved, there is a possibility he does really care about you and sees you in his future.

Of course, it is arguable the two of you would eventually end up together, however, the fact a guy includes you in both near and far future plans shows he is ready to commit to you.

Again to re-emphasize, a well-meaning guy would most likely not waste his commitment on a woman if he doesn’t mean it.

You are a priority in his books

If a guy is mostly or always readily available for you then congrats girl, he might actually really be into you.

Of course, everyone is busy and despite how busy a guy’s schedule might be, he’ll always make time for a woman he’s into.

It should be noted that a guy’s priority of a woman he cares about is never one off. It is a consistent and stable scale of priority. His consistent high regard for you will be apparent in every situation as he could press a pause on almost anything to attend to your needs.

He really listens to you

In any relationship, a person who is willing to really listen is definitely committed to the other party. Likewise, when a guy listens to everything you have to say, it’s a clear indication he’s into you.

Again, if a guy has high regard for you, he’ll be ready to patiently listen to everything you have to say. If you notice he makes reference to the details of the information you have shared with him, then he really might be into you.

Complimenting you even on your worst days, giving to you without expecting any returns, tolerance, and the way he looks at you are some other telltale factors indicating a guy cares about you.

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